SAS Advanced Plus


SAS language is created by one of the largest private software companies in the world, and we find that many large companies and corporations use one more or SAS products in their ETL, data analysis, and data science operations. SAS programming skill is essential for prospects seeking career opportunities in the data analytics and data science areas. This is a continuation from the SAS Base training, where students will learn advanced techniques in SAS programming, utilize the macro facility and familiarize with using the SQL procedure. Additionally our students will learn how to queue from Teradata and Oracle RDBs.

In this training course we will help you prepare for the SAS Advanced certification exam and become an expert with advanced SAS programming skills, through examples, quizzes and past exam questions. The next step upon completion of this course will be enrolling in our SAS Statistical Business Analyst course.

Topics included

  • Complete user guide with SQL procedure in SAS

  • Utilizing SAS macro facility

  • Efficiencies in SAS programming

  • Querying data from Teradata and Oracle RDB

About this course

  • Training will be instructor-led, in class

  • Successful completion of the SAS Base course or equivalent

  • Suited for individuals from any career and academic backgrounds

  • Certification of completion will be provided upon successful completion the course

  • Participants are welcomed to retake the same class in the future free-of-charge