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Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Data Analytics & Data Science are becoming the hottest topics in recent years. Many former accountants, engineers, computer programmers and others have chosen to make a career change and enter the field. The rise in the number of analytics roles is over 10% per year, as companies continue to experience tremendous business growth driven by data analytics and data science.

The compensation package for data analytics roles is higher than ever, due to the shortage of professionals in the market, given the rising demand. The salary range for data analytics positions in Toronto is between $65,000 (entry-level) to upward of $150,000 (senior level). Often times, a programmer could have a higher salary than management-level staff members.

In order to become a successful data analytics professional, one must have expertise in these areas:

· Technical skills including statistical language programming proficiency and understanding of statistical theories (SAS programming proficiency is critical as it is the designated data analytics software for many large corporations)

· Ability to relate data analytics processes and results to ultimate business objectives

· Critical soft skills including ability to influence and to establish trust with stakeholders

At Pascal Insights, we provide a comprehensive certificated program to enable our clients to succeed in the field. We offer a one-of-a-kind holistic curriculum that develop individuals on technical skills, business skills, and soft skills, the essential blocks for success. We offer training at all levels (beginner to advanced). Other services include job-hunting preparation (resume and interview critique) and exclusive career connection events with leading industry hiring managers.

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