Our Testimonials

"Wilson Ng has extensive industry experience in leading high performing data science teams, and the deep knowledge learned as a data practitioner throughout his career.  I highly recommend Pascal Insights for any professional considering a career in this field."

Director of Business Intelligence, Bell

"Wilson and I were fortunate to work together at TELUS where we had the opportunity to build and apply a number predictive models for the mobility renewals portfolio that ended up saving the business over $10M during a time of intense cost pressure. During our time, Wilson helped the business and I examine raw data to determine and validate risk factors for churn, take those risk factors and build predictive models to identify customers most likely to churn, and apply models on our customer base so we focus our time and money on our most vulnerable customers and personalize our outreach. I would highly recommend Wilson to anyone looking for deep technical knowledge on predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, or applied data science. He is a very capable leader and individual who will definitely upgrade your team/business."

Director of Marketing, Movati Athletics

"I had the fortune of working with and supporting Wilson as his Manager for over 5 years. Wilson was a consistent Star performer on my team with a great mix of superior technical skills, strong business acumen and good leadership skills. He focused on continuous growth for himself as well as his team and delivered several projects that had significant impact on the company's bottom line. Wilson was also a great team player and mentor to his peers."

Manager of Data Science, TELUS


"Wilson has an expert understanding of predictive modelling,excellent communication skills and a well-developed work ethic. I learned a lot from him."

Forecasting Modeller, Bell


"Wilson is one of the best person I met. He got great technical knowledge but most importantly he knows the business aspect to derive profit from the technology. He has amazing leadership skills, which are very well reflected in his work style. He has a capability of leaving great first impression and he is always willing to guide you as and when required."

Data Scientist, TELUS

"I worked with Wilson for two years on designing and building the first ever personalized phone and plan recommendation system. Wilson demonstrated strong modeling and analytic skills and was a pleasure to work with. He was able to properly balance the business priorities/requirements with the analytics perspective, to develop an engine that was used to improve both customer experience and profitability at TELUS. "

Manager, TELUS Digital

"I was led by Wilson when I joined the team as a modeler and was being told that I had a big shoes to fill in.  He had excellent modeling, business, and people leadership skills. I learnt a lot from him on modeling experience, dealing with conflicts and leading other people. It is sad that now we lost him. But I am very happy to see that he has moved on to a management position. You can tell how well his performance is from the number of people coming to join his farewell lunch. This is the largest ever i have seen."

Senior Risk Manager, CIBC

"it was a pleasure to have worked with Wilson. he has always shown diligence in his work and going the extra mile in data analytics. He has an amazing ability to identify business opportunities and make insightful recommendations that helped shape the business."

Director, Aimia


"Wilson differentiates himself by being involved in the business and understanding what the marketing objectives are. By doing so he's able to help us achieve our goals."

Senior Product Manger, TELUS

"Wilson possesses a strong background in statistics backed by advanced programming skills."

SVP, Citi Cards Canada