SAS Base


SAS language is created by one of the largest private software companies in the world, and we find that many large companies and corporations use one or more SAS products in their ETL, data analysis, and data science operations.  SAS programming skill is essential for prospects seeking career opportunities in the data analytics and data science areas.

In this training course we will help you prepare for the SAS Base certification exam and become an expert with SAS with hands-on experience, through examples, quizzes and past exam questions.  The next step upon completion of this course will be enrolling in our SAS Advanced course.

  • No programming experience required

  • Suited for individuals from any career and academic backgrounds

  • We provide exam passing guaranteed, in the event when a candidate successfully completing our course at Pascal Insights but failed subsequently in the corresponding certification exam, the candidate will be allowed to retake this course at Pascal Insights free of charge.

Career Enhancer


This course helps participants to enhance their professional profile such as resume and social media.  It will also provide an overview on what to do and what not to do during different types of interviews, and at different stages of the interview process. Soft skills help us to enhance our relationship with others and work as a team.  Professionals with a combination of technical and soft skills have an unparalleled edge in the job market.  Participants will learn these skills in class through our course material, group discussions and mock interviews. We will also help participants to learn and practice soft skills in class through our course material, group discussions and interactive exercises.

Topics included:

  • Building an all-star profile

  • Resume polishing

  • Effective cover letter

  • Using social media

  • Preparing for different types of interviews

  • What to wear and not to wear for interviews?

  • What interviewers look for?

  • Tackling difficult questions during interviews

  • Offer negotiation and dealing with rejection

  • Building and protecting your personal brand

  • Stress management

  • Enhancing emotional quotient (EQ)

  • Mastering coffee chats and elevator chats

  • What to do in social events?

  • Building positive work relationships

  • Business presentations

  • How to become influential in the workplace?

About this course

  • Looking to enhance their job hunting and interview techniques

  • Actively searching in the job market

  • Certification of completion will be provided upon successful completion the course

  • Participants are welcomed to retake the same class in the future free-of-charge