Basic Python


Python is an interpreted language for general purpose programming that is easy to understand.  With leading data streaming tools such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink having the ability to read python script, it has becoming one of the programming language of choice by data scientists.


In this training course we will help you acquire the Python language with hands-on experience, case studies and quizzes.  In completion of this course, students will gain exceptional understanding and technique in using foundation Python packages such as NumPy and pandas.  The next step after completing this course will be using the Python language to work on data science problems.

Topics included

  • Object types and data types

  • Inputting and outputting data files

  • Working with indices and arrays

  • Manipulating data in data frames

  • Sorting and joining data frames

  • Random sampling and creating descriptive statistics

  • Working with missing data

About this course

  • Training will be instructor-led, in class

  • Jupyter Notebook / Spyder IDE will be used, set-up instruction will be provided

  • No programming experience required

  • Suited for individuals from any career and academic backgrounds

  • Certification of completion will be provided upon successful completion the course

  • Participants are welcomed to retake the same class in the future free-of-charge